NEWBORN :: Baby Aiden + Ashton

When I got my first gig to capture a family with two adorable twin boys, I hoped and hoped for an opportunity to do a newborn session involving twins! Luckily, I did not have to wait too long - along came mommy Gin who was pregnant with identical twin boys :)

We were supposed to start with a maternity sesh but little Aiden + Ashton decided to pop out from mommy's oven way much earlier than scheduled. Guess they couldn't wait to see the world! :D 

Could you tell which one is the big brother and who is the little brother? I had trouble telling them apart during the photoshoot and I still do now, lol. These two preemies were so tiny when I first met them. LOOK at how much they have grown!

Apparently, Ashton (little bro) is hyper active and always make big bro laugh and giggle out loud. I had so much fun watching both of them 'communicating', wish I know what they are saying! Can't wait for their next portraiture session!!


NEWBORN :: Baby Marcus

Baby, oh baby, oh baby! Don't you just LOVE the sight, the sound and the smell of babies?! :) Okay, okay, maybe not so much the sound of them crying their hearts out but once they start to giggle and laugh, ahhh... such joyful music and suddenly the world seems to be a brighter place (^-^)

Here's a peep into one of the newborn sesh I had the privilege to document visually last year. Meet little Marcus! :)

Baby Marcus is number three in the family and mommy said her 'factory' is now close, hahah! Being the youngest does have its own perks. I'm sure his big bro and big sis will agree with me on this, lol.

Want to meet the rest of his family members? CLICK HERE :)

JUST BECAUSE :: New Year 2015

Confession - 2014 was an extra challenging year for me; lots of heartaches and hardships in all shapes and sizes, coming towards me from all angles. That's life I was told, and if everything goes smoothly, life would be very boring. Quite true I must say, but I really need a break and wouldn't mind a boring 2015, hahah! :D

We lost another family member in May 2014 :( My granny left us to be with the Lord at the age of 98. She was a wonderful and intelligent lady who dedicated her entire life to her family and God. She taught me how to play chinese chess! I also remember her dedication towards complicated jigsaw puzzles too. Wish I have inherited her green fingers. Yup, she planted her own vegetables at the backyard :) We are missing her dearly...

Ok, ok, I definitely did not perform very well in achieving my 2014 resolutions. Sigh. Don't want to bore you with the details but looking at the bright side, I did manage to upgrade my camera and add another great lens to my equipment list. Oh, and I made it to Cambodia too! :)

So what's my plan for 2015 you asked? Plenty!! BIG plans as I have a milestone to celebrate amongst other things. Will not be listing it out here and spoil the surprise ;) Keep up with me and my blog posts - you'll find out later this year!

By the way, a friend gave me a thick book and a project this year - 365 days worth of photography assignment yo!! I'll be snapping one photo every day for 365 days and post it on my Instagram account as well as printing the images captured + documenting them in the photo journal. Been thinking about doing this project for a while now but never really got to it until 2015, heheh.. All I need is a little push (more like a shove really, lol) from a dear friend to make it happen :P Feel free to follow my journey on Instagram and beep me there if you see something you like.

Have a Fabulous 2015 everyone! :)

FAMILY :: Baby Rigel's First Family PhotoShoot

When it comes to maternity & newborn portraiture session, the baby dictates. What was supposed to be a maternity session became a family portraiture session because baby Rigel said so! He decided to pop out of the oven a day prior to the scheduled photoshoot. Luckily, Daddy came back to Malaysia in time (the night before!) for his arrival. Phew!

It's all good :) The important thing is baby and mommy is happy + healthy. We can always plan for another maternity photoshoot, perhaps 1 - 2 years from now *hint, hint* ;) Check out some of my favourite images from the session! :D

Oh, did I tell you that baby Rigel has a big brother? Orion is such a sweet, sweet boy. Thanks to mommy and daddy, he now has a little bro to play with! :)


Thank you Mommy Belinda, Daddy Andrew, Little Orion and Baby Rigel for sharing your precious family moments together with me. May the images captured be a constant reminder of how lucky all of you are to have each other to cherish forever and ever. xoxo

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