JUST BECAUSE :: Turning 40

So babyface hubby turned four-zero last week. We had a mini family-style dinner celebration at a local restaurant with his buddies and old friends to mark his milestone, indulging in all his favourite dishes, except satay (not available in the menu). And because his wife is a photographer, we just HAD to have a portraiture session too! :D

As you can see, he's very into big bikes at this stage of his life and often travels to work on his Kawasaki even though it's driving his better half crazy due to safety reasons. Oh well, a heart wants what a heart wants. Happy 40th Birthday hun! Stay safe. xoxo

P/S: Thanks Damien for lending us your Harley for the photoshoot :)

NEWBORN :: Baby Natalie

When I look through the lens, I see life. A life full of hope, purpose and possibilities. A life that is unique and created out of love from the very beginning. A life to warm the hearts of two proud parents and fill it with much joy and happiness.

I just got back from a much needed vacation when I received an email from mummy Pi Chuey. She just gave birth to a little princess and wished to preserve the memories and emotions with photographs. Everything was arranged swiftly and the session was done when baby Natalie was 11 days young.

Daddy Victor was working that day but he rushed back for their first family portrait and of course, a few father-daughter shots to add to the archieve of keepsakes.

I also made sure baby Natalie has a photo or two with her kind and loving Granny who simply adores her! And I can tell that the feeling is mutual :)

Baby Natalie is now 4 months young, happy and healthy. Granny is helping to take care of her when both parents are at work. Can't wait to see her next, all grown up and ladylike I'm sure ;)

NEWBORN :: Baby Carson

Newborn photography is a lot harder than it looks but just as satisfying! These teenie weenie little people will cry, poop and pee anytime, anywhere, and moving them around during photo sessions has to be done very carefully as they are so small, fragile and delicate. Each session usually takes about 2 hours and sometimes longer - allowing ample time for breastfeeding, changing and getting baby back to sleep. 

Every baby is unique but the rule of thumb for newborn photoshoot is the earlier, the better. The ideal time is between 6 - 12 days after birth. That's when baby sleeps more and curl easier into cute poses - as long as baby is warm, comfortable and tummy is full! In other words, baby needs to be 'milk-drunk' during the session :D

We've been waiting for baby Carson's arrival for what seemed to be a long time! At least to me, lol. When the day finally came, I happily lugged my roller bag, basket and carrying case to Carson's new home (hubby thought I was moving out!) and boy oh boy, was I excited :)

He has such beautiful soft brownish hair and look so much like his big brother Callum. I wanted to capture big-brother-little-brother moments but according to Mummy, big brother has an overwhelming affection for his little bro - he gets too excited at times and forgets to be gentle! So Daddy came out with the idea of placing Callum's baby images in the background. 

This little man is now 4 months young (yup, another belated blog post - sorry!) and getting adorable each day just like every single baby I know. Mummy said three boys (including Daddy) is enough but I'm think this family needs another girl to balance things up! What say you? :D

P/S: Check out Mummy Olivia's maternity + family photo shoot HERE.

MATERNITY :: Angie + Edward

They waited five years for this precious stage in life to happen. It's only befitting to document their milestone with a maternity photo shoot so they could remember clearly years from now - the joy, the anticipation, the excitement and the love they felt.

Angie is a hot mama, isn't she? :D Women don't generally feel beautiful or sexy when they're pregnant and it's understandable. They often tell me how fat, heavy and bloated they feel and look. They shy away from cameras. But seriously ladies, baby bumps can be sexy! Curves can be beautiful. See for yourself :)

Angie and Edward have moved on to another stage in life - parenthood! Their first born is a healthy baby boy named Ethan. Congratulations again to the doting parents!! :D

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