MATERNITY :: Chung + Stephanie

These two love birds are expecting their first born - a baby boy! And to mark this very important milestone, they decided to contact yours truly for a simple maternity photoshoot :D *clap clap*

All these images were taken when Stephanie was 7 months into her pregnancy. Perfect timing as energy level is still pretty high, compared to end of the third trimester. No worries about swollen feet and heavy bloating of the body too! It's probably the best time to put on fitting + flattering outfits and flaunt those gorgeous pregnancy glow ;)


THANK YOU Chung and Stephanie for the honour! And congratulations again on the birth of baby Ashton :) xoxo

MATERNITY :: The Chans

In spite of the all the tragedies and disasters happening around the world, there's always hope and love surrounding us if we just take a moment to feel it, see it and embrace it. Each time I have a photo session with a family, I always feel it, see it, and then I shoot it, lol.

Crystal and William are expecting the arrival of their second child and little Leanne will be having the responsibility of a big sis! I was indeed honoured to capture this precious moment for them as a family.

We started very early - 7:30am to be exact, just as the sun began to rise, casting a beautiful glow all over and the air is cool. The whole family had light breakfast and then off we go to the neighbourhood park for some family time! :)

Just as it started to get hot and humid, we headed back to the house and managed to squeeze in a quick indoor photoshoot. Fortunately for us, it wasn't that challenging to coax Leanne to participate every now and then. Patience is a virtue! :)

Yup, you've guessed it! Crystal is a ballerina. It's only befitting that her maternity photo session are customised to suit her passion too. Don't you just love the sexy pregnancy curves? :) 

Thank you Crystal, William and Leanne (and little baby brother too!) for giving me the pleasure of capturing your special moments for you to remember by today, tomorrow and many, many years to come. xoxo

FAMILY :: The Teohs

It was an impromptu photoshoot. Big brother was back in town for Chinese New Year celebration last February and little sister thought they should have a family portrait session! :) We kept it quick and simple as they had a lot of friends and family members visiting their home that day.

Meet the Teohs! From left to right: Bellona, Mum, Dad, Boyce and Barney. Just like most family including mine, it's not every day they get to be together, especially when Boyce is based in Nepal. Hope the photo session was as memorable to them as it is to me! Thank you so much Belle for the honour :) xoxo

EVENT :: The Good Malaysian Woman's Art Exhibition

Twenty two Malaysian women artists came together to present their own view of what it means to be a 'good' Malaysian woman while addressing issues of identity and self, community and nationality. A collaborative effort by All Women's Action Society (AWAM) and Interpr8 Art Space, this exhibition hopes to get Malaysians to revaluate how women's identities and lives are shaped by ethinicity, religion and politics.

Over 30 artworks of various medium including paintings, photography, sculpture, mixed media works, installation and video art by both emerging and established artists are being showcased and are all for sale with 50% of the proceeds to be donated to AWAM for a good cause. Some of the artists featured are Bibi Chew, Izan Tahir, Shia Yih Ying, Yee I-Lann, Aisyah Baharuddin, Intan Rafiza, Sharon Chin, Anisa Abdullah and J Redza.

The exhibition is open to all (free entrance) until 25 May 2014 at The Black Box, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur from 11:00 - 19:00 hours daily. Do drop by and support :)

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