EVENT :: Ayden's 6th Birthday Party

These days, lots of mothers are into DIY-ing their kids' birthday parties with themed decor + props, dessert buffets, games and fun activities. Some enjoyed it so much and are so good at it that they eventually set-up their own party planning business to cater to the high demand especially within Klang Valley. And what wonderful work these mothers can do! :) 

It's amazing to see how much effort and time are put into these customised themed birthday parties - Frozen, Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, Thomas & Friends, etc - every single detail counts for each theme! Everything look so pretty, yummy and nice until some invited guests find it a little tough to 'disrupt' the dessert buffet by helping themselves with the goodies laid out. I know I am!

Ayden's soccer themed birthday bash was all planned by his capable mom. Almost everything was DIY-ed with the help of family members, supported by a reliable caterer and fun kids gym. Here's a snippet of what went on that memorable Sunday afternoon :)

FAMILY :: Portraits For Mom

Five siblings got together and agreed that they should have a professional family photoshoot on mom's 80th birthday. Only one problem - mom may not go for it and will probably give a lot of excuses, etc. And so, they told her a little white lie - a 'friend' (me!) has just started her boutique photography business and needed help with her portfolio (this is not entirely untrue by the way, lol). Mom said, "Okay, let's help your friend." :) 

It became a family project involving a total of 15 persons including mother, sons, daughters, son-in-law, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. They even had a makeup artist to come over to doll up the ladies! At that time, this was the largest group of people I ever had to photograph for family portrait session. A bit nerve wrecking at first and it's quite a challenge to get some of them to put away their mobile phones! Hahah! But it's all good; everyone did as they were told and a whole lot more! It was a relaxed, natural and fun-teasing photoshoot, especially when the jokers of the family were in attendance :D



There were a lot of memories and images captured that day - on my camera as well as in the minds and hearts of those who were there. Should it all fades away over time and somehow forgotten due to busy schedules, I hope the memory could be relived again and again, each time they look at the photographs. 

P/S: The birthday celebration did not end here! Will post about the surprise birthday party soon! :) 

EVENT :: Summer's 4th Birthday Party

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated every single year, big or small, young or old! It's a celebration of life. It's also a very good excuse for cakes and get-togethers with your loved ones!! Wonderful memories are created, giving us warm fuzzy feeling each time we remember the good times :)

"The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday." - Paris Hilton

I was invited to capture the moments of an intimate all-family birthday party for little Summer who turned 4 this year. There were party hats, balloons, temporary tattoos, fun and games, music, dancing, lots of food, cakes and so much LOVE. See for yourself!

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