EVENT :: Father's Day Charity Baking Workshop

The past few weeks have been more about events photography than portraiture for me. One thing is for sure, all of my event assignments seems to be revolving around WOMEN :D

This particular event was jointly organised by The Pixel Project and All Women's Action Society (AWAM), in collaboration with the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia to raise funds for both non-profits. While learning how to bake a whole cake from scratch for their dads and granddads, participants were also helping the cause to end violence against women. 

She came prepared - with her own apron!
All dressed up to make Daddy a Superman-theme Cake :) 
Mother-Daughter Team!

The full day baking workshop was conducted single-handedly by Chef Frederic Oger, a French senior chef-instructor at the Academy. Watching (and capturing images) ten eager participants going 'oohs and aahs' in the fully equipped classroom was like watching kids in a candy store!

Giving their full attention to Chef Frederic and his French accent
Chef Frederic Oger

After Chef Frederic's detailed demonstrations, it's time for all participants to get their hands dirty! :D

It was a very fun baking workshop as you can see - lots of giggles and laughter all around! Especially since the teacher has a great sense of humor :)

Break time! :D

I was told that there will be another charity baking workshop in August and this time, participants get to learn how to make one of my old time favourite dessert! For more information, please send an email to

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