FAMILY :: Think Twins!

This is about a family with fraternal / non-identical twins. When Liam and Avram were born 2 years ago, I couldn't tell the twin boys apart. They looked pretty similar to me even though I was told otherwise. As they grow older, they each develop their own unique character, looks and style. One is more mature and adult-like while the other is playful and mischievous. 

Big brother Liam has a sweet tooth and Avram wouldn't mind sharing all the sweet stuff with him as he prefers non-sugary snacks and drinks. When it comes to eating vegetables, Avram is the champion! He just LOVES broccoli, carrots, long beans, baby corn and 'cangkuk manis' (sweet leaf). Green is his thing and when he gets to choose his own outfit, he always picks green! :)

Liam, on the other hand, dislikes vegetables and only eats carrots. Apparently, there were many occasions when he transferred the vegetables on his plate to Mum's plate when she's not looking! I'm not surprised if he does the same trick with his younger brother, hahah! Japanese tofu is Liam's favourite and boiled eggs too. Well, one thing is for sure, both of them enjoy playing in the water!!

So they flew all the way to Kuala Lumpur with Mummy and Daddy early August to have a photoshoot with Aunty Michelle and because of that, I love them to pieces! (^-^) I must say, they are very well behaved for their age and do as they were told (most of the time). I did not have to run after them so much while lugging my not-so-light camera. Such kind + sweet boys - well done Mummy and Daddy!! :D

Hope you enjoy the rest of the images as much as I've enjoyed capturing them! xx

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